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Internal Assessment

It shall be based on class/seminar(s) participation and Mid-Term test/assignment(s) etc. All assignments(s) will be submitted in candidates handwriting/typed. The distribution of marks internal assessment will be as follows:
  • Mid-Term Examination     10 marks
  • Assignment(s)     05 marks
  • Seminar/Presentation(s)     05 marks
  • Attendance     05 marks
Mid-term examination shall be conducted by institutes once before the sem. examination. Students who fail to appear in mid-sem, examination under the circumstances beyond the control of candidate, will be allowed by the Director of institute reappear as a special case but assessment will be made out or 6 marks in.... of 10. However Re-mid examination shall not be after end-semester examination of the concern subject. 


Weightage of attendance for the Internal assessment will be as follows: 
Attendance Marks
  • Upto 40%Nil
  • 40% to 50%02
  • 51% to 60%03
  • 61% to 75%04
  • above 75%05

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