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The candidate will be promoted in the next semester even if he/she failed in the semester concerned. The candidate can reappear in the back paper(s) of the concerned semester with odd/even semester respectively. If a student has completed the total duration of the course, but fails to clear paper(s), he will appear in that paper(s) in odd/even semester as an ex-student within stipulated time.However the University has the right to conduct a special examination for back papers if it deem it.

Summer Placement

All the students will undergo through summer placement in an industry for a period of six to eight weeks. The report of the project done during the summer training will be submitted to the institute by the student immediately after completion.

Project Report

During the course of study the students would be required to carry out a project consisting of preliminary but original research work. The students may choose the project related to the course subject in consultation with subject teacher(s) which would be approved by the Directory of the institute and who would also allocate the project guide..


The division will be awarded in the last semester only on the basis of all semester performance of the examinee. In the remaining semester a candidate will be declared pass or fail or re- exame in the concerned papers.

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