Foundation Course (Compulsory)-4

(Any three subjects to be offered as per B.Sc. part III)


  • Paper I Inorganic Chemistry II
  • Paper II Organic Chemistry
  • Paper III Physics Chemistry
  • Practical


  • Paper I Paper I Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamies and Statistical Physics
  • Paper II Waves, Acoustics and Optics
  • Practical


  • Paper I Diversity of Microbes and Cryptogams
  • Paper II Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Practical


  • Paper I Protochordate, Cyclostomata, Histology and Embryology
  • Paper II Vertebrate Zoology


  • Paper I Statistics Methods
  • Paper II Theory of Probability and probability Distributions


  • Paper I Analysis
  • Paper II Abstract Algebra
  • Paper III Optional paper (anyone of the following)
  • Practical
  • Programming in 'C' and Numerical Analysis
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Differential Geometry and Tensor Calculus
  • Probablity theory and optionization
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Mechanics Practical


  • Paper I Inorganic Chemisty II
  • Paper II Organic Chemistry
  • Paper III Physical Chemistry
  • Practical
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